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Following is the email that I received from Ed Kulsick. Many thanks to Ed.
I received the lighter today Monday (01/27/2020.

I have a Zippo cigarette lighter inscribed U.S.S. Boxer CVA-21 (in red), with a depiction of the ship and, above it, a set of wings.
My uncle (long deceased) gave it to me years ago. To the best of my knowledge , he never served in the Navy, though I did hear stories
that he spent time at Pearl Harbor during WWII. How he acquired the lighter, I have no idea.

Ed Kulsick
Sun City West, AZ

On behalf of the USS Boxer Association we thank you for sending the Boxer Lighter to our association.

Ray C.

2020/01/18 Douglas E. Campbell

Would anybody have any information on the loss of AMM1c Lester LeRoy Morill with VA-15A who died
on June 1947 when the Boxer was in the South Pacific? He would have been in an SB2C Helldiver.
My email address is

Thank you!

Douglas E. Campbell
39 Talamore Drive
Southern Pines, NC 28387

2020/01/18 James Dickover

I am wondering if anyone who was on the Boxer in 1966 is pursuing the Blue Water Sailors Act.
Would love to hear from anyone who could talk to me about this.
My email address is

Thank you!

James Dickover

2019/05/05 James Anthony Cook 1950-1953

Good Morning!

My father James Anthony Cook (nicknamed "Flower Cook") served aboard the U.S.S. Boxer from
approximately 1950-1953. I am looking to talk to anyone who remembers him. He died in a work related
accident February 8, 1965; I was only 2 years old at that time and do not remember him. I
would love to hear from anyone with whom he served who could tell me about him.
My email address is

Thank you!

Toni Cook Sutherland

2019/02/11 Ed Garcia

Ed Garcia


I served on the USS Boxer CVA 21 in 1952 53. I would like to know if any one
has contact with Pete Lopez who was from El Paso, Tx. We worked together in the Personnel office.      

Ed Garcia,

Paul Condo, Dec. - USS Boxer Boiler Technician (1967 - 1968)

Hello. I am an Asbestos Investigator and I work with attorneys that
represent victims of asbestos disease. We are looking for people that
may have worked with Paul Condo when he served aboard the USS Boxer in
1967-1968 as a Boiler Technician. Mr. Condo has passed away as a
result of an asbestos-related disease and it is important that we
locate people that may have served with him. I am attaching a copy of
a photo of Mr. Condo

I would appreciate any assistance that you can provide or suggestions
that you may have as how to best reach people that may have served
with or around Mr. Condo aboard the USS Boxer. Please feel free to
contact me at (734) 878-5236 or email
that we may discuss this matter further.

Thank you in advance for your time and attention in this matter, it is
greatly apprciated. I look forward to hearing from you.

Very truly yours,

SLD Investions

Sherry L. Day
Asbestos Investigator
Office: (734) 878-5236

2019/01/14 Sherry L. Day

2019/01/14 Rhonda Hebbard

Rhonda Hebbard


My pop, Clarence Wilson (Wus) Pilchard is looking for his buddy James Dwight Ross from the USS Boxer.They were both Seamen ranked at that time.
If you can post to the members of your USS Boxer group, it would be greatly appreciated.
Wus can be reached at 410.632.1270.

Rhonda Hebbard ,

2019/01/14 Rhonda Hebbard

David Collier

1138 SE Osceola St.




772 220 4320

May 26, 2016

Would like to hear from anyone who has knowledge of the mock air strike against Pearl Harbor lunched May 7, 1948 from the USS Boxer CV-21.



My father Col. Eugene F. C. Collier USMC served as G-2 FMF PAC at Pearl Harbor between July, 1947 and March, 1948. Our family lived in quarters at 9 Midway Drive in the Makalapa Housing Area. From my room on the second floor I could look over many of the docks at Pearl Harbor a great view for an 11 year old boy. One morning at about 7AM I was getting ready to walk to the Pearl Harbor Elementary School and my father was shaving. Suddenly there was a load noise and four dark blue jet aircraft zoomed low over our house heading for the Navy Yard. Those were the first airborne jet aircraft that I had ever seen or heard and that was very exciting. My father, who had cut himself with his razor when the jet noise erupted, was slightly less excited. That night at dinner my father reported that the jets (I think from the USS Boxer) were involved in mock warfare between a carrier task force and the Hawaii Air National Guard. The ANG was responsible for the air defense of the Hawaiian Islands. My father was happy that the exercise umpires had decided that all P-47 scrambling from Hickam AFB were declared shot down on their takeoff run by the Navy  jets which circled over the runway and made a simulated firing  pass on each ANG aircraft as it was taking off. From my research the jets had to be North American Aircraft FJ-1s from VF-51.


At that time the battles between the USAF and the Navy were hot and getting hotter. It surprised me that I could find no information on this major achievement by the Navy. Have you seen any written material on this event? Could be some of your older member might remember the event.

The only thing I have left to do is to request the Deck Logs of the USS Boxer for May 1948, which I doubt will be found by the National Archives staff.

I have included some clippings from The San Diego Union, one of which shows that a mock raid did take place on May 7, 1948. Reviewed 12 major news papers and found no mention of the raid.

I asked my brother who is a retired military history instructor at the University of Michigan to help me find more information on the raid. His e-mails and those of Hal Friedman who has been doing work on naval history, the Pacific War in particular,  for the Naval War College. He is USNR


  I haven't been able to find any knowledge of that exercise, Dave,  among the few here who might be interested. I agree that someone probably put  the word out to shut up about it, but have no idea who or why.

Tom Collier


On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 2:44 PM, David Collier <> wrote:

I don't think it is hard to predict the results of the attack. The thing that I find interesting is that seventy one years after the event there has been no mention of the attack in any of major US newspapers, military journals, official reports, Navy veterans' websites or books written by participants at either the carrier/squadron level or at the Pentagon. To read newspaper articles about the undetected over flight of Pearl Harbor on 12/7/1948  by an USAF B-50 and never see anything on the Navy jet beating the hell out of the Air Guard P-47s in May 1948 arouses my curiosity. After a small article on the raid appeared in the San Diego newspaper nothing more was seen. Someone at the highest level of the US government must have told the Navy to button its lip in no uncertain words.


From: Hal Friedman <>
Date: Thu, Mar 17, 2016 at 9:06 PM
Subject: Re: USS Boxer staged an all-jet air attack exercise on Pearl Harbor...

Don't know what the conclusions were, probably that Pearl was very vulnerable.  As for the objectives, it was beat the Air Force and preserve the Navy, I'm sure.

Hal M. Friedman

Professor of Modern History
History & Political Science Department

Social Science, Arts & Fitness Division
Henry Ford College
5101 Evergreen Road
Dearborn, Michigan 48128-1495
313-845-6387/FAX 313-845-9778

>>> Tom Collier <> 03/17/16 8:41 PM >>>

... in 1947 or '48, presumably to test the air defense of the fleet anchorage and base. My brother lived on base that year, recalls the jet make his house shake as they came over Makalapa Heights, and is trying to find out more about it: what were the objectives of the exercise and what were the conclusions.
  Those were years when service roles and missions, nuclear and otherwise, under DOD & JCS were in dispute and he suspects that had something to do with it. Here's his reading list:  

The United States Navy and Defense Unification, 1947-1953 By Paolo Enrico Coletta

The Revolt of the Admirals: Battle Between the Navy and Air Force Over B-36 Bomber and the Carrier United States in 1949, Halsey, Nimitz, Spruance, Burke, Spaatz, Vandenberg, Eisenhower, Bradley U.S. Government, U.S. Military, Defense (DoD), Department of, Air Force (USAF), 

Pushing the Limits: The Remarkable Life and Times of Vice Adm. Allan Rockwell McCann, USN by Carl P. LaVO

The Forrestal Diaries Paperback by Walter Millis (Editor), E. S. Duffield (Editor)

Leading the Angels: Lt. Cdr. John J. Magda (1918-1951) Naval Pilot in the Decade Aviation Changed the World by Marni Magda

Driven Patriot: The Life and Times of James Forrestal Hardcover by Townsend Hoopes  (Author), Douglas Brinkley (Author)

James Forrestal,: A study of personality, politics, and policy by Rogow, Arnold A

Super Carriers and the B-36 Bombers: Appropriations, Strategy, and Politics   By Hammond, Paul Y.

Harry S. Truman and the War Scare of 1948: A Successful Campaign to Deceive the Nation By Kofsky, Frank

From Hot War to Cold: The U.S. Navy and National Security Affairs, 1945-1955 By Barlow, Jeffrey

A Different Man, A Different Time: The Story of John L. Sullivan, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for FDR and Truman's Secretary of the Navy By Clarkson, Stephen

Admiral "Bull" Halsey: The Life and Wars of the Navy's Most Controversial Commander By Wukovits, John

From Pearl Harbor to Vietnam: The Memoirs of Admiral Arthur W. Radford (Hoover Institution publication) By Radford, Arthur William

Wings and Warriors: My Life as a Naval Aviator By Engen, Donald

2016/06/05 James Dickover

I am trying to see if anyone who served on the Boxer in 1966 remembers agent orange
being stored or transported to Vietnam.
I served on the Boxer in 1966. I was an electricians mate. We made 2 trips to Vietnam.
One through the Suez and one through Panama.
I would appreciate any help on this matter.            

2016/03/30 Adina Schlekewy

Good afternoon,

We are working with a fellow shipmate by the name of Edward Coker who was aboard the USS Boxer between 10/08/1968 and 08/17/1969. 
I know the ship was decommissioned in December of 1969. I am trying to locate information on when the decommissioning process started,
and where the decommissioning occurred. Mr. Coker was part of the decommissioning crew, but I have not been able to locate precise dates
for the decommissioning and the shipyard(s) it was done at. If you have these exact dates and or locations, it would be very helpful!
Maybe if you do not do you know someone that I could reach out to that could assist me?

Thanks for any help in advance.


Adina (818) 798-4788

Adina Schlekewy

28720 Canwood Street, Suite 200
Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Tel 818.342.7442

Fax 818.342.7616

2016/01/20 Kimberly M. Kim Legal Assistant

Good morning,
I hope this finds you well.  My name is Kimberly.  I work for a personal injury law firm that represents a former USS Boxer shipmate’s family in an asbestos case. 
The former shipmate’s name is Charles Oren Pendleton.  He passed away in December and is not able to give testimony of his exposure to asbestos containing products on the USS Boxer.
Our firm is very interested in talking with former shipmates of our client.  He served on the ship in 1949-1951 as a naval fireman.  If there is any way you can help me find a shipmate that served at the same
time as our client, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you. 

Kimberly M. Kim Legal Assistant
Bailey Peavy Bailey, PLLC
440 Louisiana St. Suite 2100 Houston, Texas 77002
tel 713-425-7100 direct 713-292-2703 fax 713-425-7101

2016/01/01 Gary Wollman

My father Jack Wollman served on the Boxer from 1945 to 1946. He is now almost 90 years old and is
interested in contacting a mate named Red (possibly Charles) McCormick who served with my father
on the Boxer during that time.

How could I possibly help my father to procure contact information on Mr. McCormick assuming he is still with us?
Thank you so much for your help.

Yours truly

Gary Wollman            

2015/12/02 Avid Rose

My name is Avid Rose and I am a paralegal at Weitz & Luxenberg.  We are looking for a shipmate who may have known our client, Richard Kraus.
Mr. Kraus passed away earlier this year.  He served on the USS Boxer (CV-21) from  Jan. of 1945 to Jan of 1946. He was a storekeeper (supply dept.)
I found your name and others listed in this email on website and any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Was there a cruise book for that year?  Is there any membership list that would indicate years so that I can contact individuals that may have known Mr. Kraus.
Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer on behalf of Mr. Kraus family.

Avid Rose Paralegal
Discovery Department
200 Lake Drive East, Suite 205
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Phone: (856) 755-1115
Direct:(856) 406-3995
Fax: (646) 293-4371 (direct)
Fax: (856) 755-1995            

2015/11/11 Melissa Loving

Good morning!
On this veteran's day, I wanted to thank you for your service.
My dad was on the Boxer out of San Diego in the 50's. His name was Joseph Hammond Loving.  
Do you have any information about him?
My best,
Melissa Loving            

2015/10/25 Ms. Allyson Vought

Hello, I need some information and hope that you can be of assistance. 
We are restoring a very rare Cessna 1955 OE-2 Birddog into the Marine
colors of the aircraft that operated off of the Boxer during the VietNam war. 
In that, can you be so kind and refer us to someone that may have pictures and paint
information that were applied to these aircraft? I have a rather small shot of S/N 14000
but it is not hi res and we really want to be as accurate as we possible can when we debut this plane next year.
Any information that you or your shipmates may have would be greatly appreciated.
Ms.Allyson Vought
600 South Pacific Avenue
Suite 100
San Pedro, CA 90731
310.308.0005 424.210.7475 310.567.2345 cell            

2015/08/29 David McFarland

I was on the USS Boxer.from 1960-1962 and was trying to locate a McDonald.  Can you help?
I was in E division , an electrician in the lighting shop from 1960-1962.
The McDonald I knew was discharged around 1961.  He then went to Bible College. 
I'm still trying to recall his first name but at 73 things have wandered off.
    David McFarland            

2015/08/28 Bart Yates

Hi, I'm a novelist doing some historical research on Operation Hardtack for my next book and would very much like to speak with someone from the
USS Boxer about that period in your ship's history.  I'm specifically writing about the day of the "Juniper" bomb test, but what I'm mostly interested in isn't the
test itself, but rather the experience of being in the Marshall Islands at that time, etc., as told by an eyewitness.  
Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon!

    All my best,
    Bart Yates
    (My pen name is "Noah Bly")            

2015/08/03 James R. May 1948

My Dad, James R. May, was on CV 21 Boxer Aircraft Carrier, in the Pacific, in 1948. He tells me it was the 1st time a jet
landed on an aircraft carrier. A hell diver took lots of pictures. Dad was right below super structure, at about hanger
deck level, on starboard side, waving a white hat out a portlite. Dad has mentioned this many times, & I would like to get a
copy of the news reel. Dad is gonna be 87yrs old this Nov. I have been all over web trying to find this news reel, then,
found something that mentioned you's had a web site like my husband has a web site for his group of vietnam veterans.
When I went there, it said your site was down, & could contact you. I hope you can, or know where I might go, or who to contact
to get the pictures. Someone must have news reel in archives somewhere.

    Thank you.
    Sherry LaParl
    6293 Swartout Rd.
    Algonac, Michigan

Am really desparate to find this for him as a Birthday Surprise! Thank You.            

2015/07/29 Joe Shepard 1953 - 1954 Main Communications

Hello My name is Joe Shepard and I served aboard the Boxer in 1953 and 1954.
I was aboard when the peace treaty was signed and subsequently when the
Boxer sailed into the South China sea and tried to assist the French at Dien
Bien Phu. I noted that there was a large marine guard to the number one
elevator on the hanger deck. A large shroud appeared to cover something
on the number one elevator.  Not exactly sure what this was or why we left
the French but we did and sailed back to the Philippines where I disembarked
for further transportation back to the States for discharge, my hitch being up
after 4 years. The reason I am writing this is because I have read the Wiki
report of my ship noting that after the peace treaty with North Korea all that
is noted is that the Boxer returned to the U.S.A. I was a second class
petty officer and served in main communications so I was pretty much aware of
the ship's activities and felt that the post war activity of the ship was
worthy of note.  Thanks. Any further questions my E-Mail is            

2014/12/23 Angela Wiles Masella

My father was aboard the Boxer sometime during 1961 - 1963. He is now deceased. I have been looking
for cruise photos or possibly a duplicated book. His name was John P. Masella.
He graduated from The Keel, training commenced November 1960 and I believed ended January 1961.
I have all of his discharge paperwork Any help or any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
Angela Wiles Masella

Jim Castle VT-903 1945 - 1946

My name is Jim Castle. I served aboard the Boxer  in 1945 and 46 my nickname was Casey.
I was a member of VT 93 squadron and my pilot was Wes Nowell.
I will be 90 very shortly and my phone no. is 716 531 5806.
I would like to hear from any of my shipmates, if they are alive.

2014/12/06 Ed Turner RM3 - USS BOXER FEB. 1958 - DEC. 1960
928-242-2269, 928-368-6161            

My dad Ed Turner served on the USS Boxer Feb 1958 - Dec 1860 as a RM3.
He wanted his info to be added to the message board and wanted to know when the next reunion is scheduled.
It was a special time for him and all crew members during their time aboard.
He also was trying to find Mr. Jim Moore, in Marine Radio Comm.
Thank you!
Stuart Anderson

2014/10/23 Joshua T. Crisp
P O Box 1833
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601

Hi, I recently found this site about the USS Boxer and told my grandfather, who served aboard the
Boxer in the early 50's during the Korean War, and he was really excited
about the prospect of getting in touch with some of his fellow shipmates.
If you served with him please email me or call me so I can get you in touch with him.
His name is Ira T. Crisp and was an aircraft mechanic.
I believe he served between 1950-1954. He also did a tour on the USS Yorktown.
Thank you!

Joshua T. Crisp

Ed Schneider            

My father, Ardwin (Art) Schneider served aboard the Boxer 1945-46.
I think that he was a communications officer, an Ensign or Lieutenant.
He passed away in 1999. I recently found a diary he kept of his time in the service.
It had some facts (ports of call, weather, plane crashes) but was short on stories.
If anyone here remembers him, I would be happy to hear from you.

Dick Haynes            

I was on the Boxer during the August 1952 fire, and on the following cruise to Korea
I was an RMSA in the Radioroom. Would like to hear from any Radiomen who would have been on the ship at that time.

Cecil Cartwright            

I would like to hear from anyone that was aboard from 1956 - 1958 in A division.


Dale Groden            

Mr. Dale Groden is humbly asking members of the USS Boxer Veterans Association if any might have and be willing to sell a
1955-1956 Cruise Book.  Mr. Groden can be reached at 918-749-4803, by e-mail at, or by mail at 5533 S. Cincinati, Tulsa, OK 74105-6705. 
Thank you for your consideration.


Jerry Hamilton            

I am trying to find any information I can on my grandfather; James (Jim) Russell.  He served on the USS Boxer from 1950-1954, from what I have been told.  He passed away back in September of 2011 and I am trying to find what information I can about him, photos, anything.
If you can help, I would greatly appreciate any thing you can do.
Thanks again,


Ed Miller            

My dad Nelson Miller Jr. asked me to post something on the message board, if you could do that for us that would be great.
 Anybody on duty boxer sickbay August 1951. If you remember at this time that a sailor fell down a ladder and his ankles turned black. the Dr. said to pack them in ice and elevate. He was in bed for one week and warped his left hand.
 Note: at this time Mae Craig was visiting for Meet the Press the TV show.

Thank you very much,
Ed Miller

Tracy S. Evans            

I served on the original Boxer CV-21 from 1946 - 1954 Division A MM1. Has anybody else served that long on the Boxer? I am in contact with three shipmates via e-mail, and enjoy talking with them. Often wondered how many of my crew are still living? I am 85 now and would like to hear from any members of my old crew. Take care now.

Thank you very much,
Tracy S. Evans


I am looking for anyone who new (and can remember) my dad, CW04 Alfred Baran. He served aboard 1955-1956 as Chief Photo Officer.

Thank you very much,
Sgt. Charles Baran

Mike Simmons            

My father, Donald William Simmons, served on USS BOXER during WWII as a diver. He passed away in November 1987 and he didn't tell me a lot about his service and I'm trying to find out more about his time on board. I'm looking for a digital copy of the artist rendering of the USS Boxer, which done in charcoal. If anyone help me locate a copy of this drawing, it would mean a lot to his family. If anyone knew my father I would love to here from you.

Mike Simmons

Bill Bauder            

I was on the Boxer in 1945 and 1946. I worked the flight deck, drove the crash tractor and drove the Staff Duty jeep when in port. I was trained as a Combat Aircrewman but was dropped from that class and was not attached to a air group. I was ships company. If any of my old buddies are still alive would like to hear from them. Bill Bauder

NAME: Bill Bauder

Michael A. Jacobs

I served on the Boxer as ships company from November 1967 to 1968. I was in the Communications Division. I would like to hear from anyone out there who might remember me.

NAME: Michael A. Jacobs
ADDRESS: 23 Whittier Drive
CITY: Searingtown
ZIP: 11507-1016
PHONE: 516.509.9500

Bob Niederhauser            
PHONE: 319.352.2025

Bob Niederhauser is looking for the family of "Gordy", Medical Div.,CVS_21 1955 or after Mr Niederhauser has a shaving mug with the Medical emblem, CVS-21 and "gordy" on the side. He would like the family to have it first or then donate it to the LDH-4. E-mail or phone 319-352-2025.

Laurence McKenny            

I served on the Boxer as ships company from November 1963 to 1965. I was in V-4 division and fueled the helicopters. We also brought fuel on board from supply ships via large pipes. My problem is, I was diagnosed with CLL which is Leukemia and I filed a claim because it is caused by Benzene in aircraft fuel. My claim was denied because even though my records reflect I was on the Boxer, it doesn't state what my job was. I still don't understand that. Anyway, I need to get the word out to any Boxer Shipmates who may remember me. If I can get letters saying I was in V-4 division, it will help my Claim a lot. The only two guys I remember in V-4 were two brothers named Max and Joe Plaugher, If you can help me in any way, I would be ever so grateful....................Thank You in advance, Larry McKenny

NAME: Laurence McKinny
ADDRESS: 76 Knollwood Blvd
CITY: Clawson
ZIP: 48017-1238
PHONE: 248.250.1829

Thomas F. Thoele      

Was on board the Boxer from Feb 52 to April 54. Anyone in the forward engine room during that period of time, I would like them to contact me.

NAME: Thomas F. Thoele
ADDRESS: 3421 Prarie Ave
CITY: Mattoon
ZIP: 61938-2129
PHONE: 217.235.5131

Dr. Lynn Duffy            

I'm looking for information on my father, Robert T. Duffy. He served on the Boxer sometime in the 40's and I'm hoping someone out there remembers him? My father, Robert T. Duffy, went to be with the Lord on April 3, 2001.

Dr. Lynn Duffy, Psy.D., D.Min.(H), LCPC, NCC and Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor (IBCC)

NAME: Lynn Duffy
ADDRESS: 607 Homewood Drive
CITY:Pocomoke City
PHONE: 410.957.0195

Mark Crabtree            

Would like to find a crew list on the Boxer while she was in service during the Korean war. My dad was stationed on the Boxer during this time, but I have no further information on the ship. His name is Allen R. Crabtree, and he was a boasmans, or boatmans mate while crewing on the Boxer. Any information concerning this would be greatly appreciated. My dad passed away 7 years ago, so this would mean a lot to me if you could assist me in this area. Thanks, and Anchors Away, Mark Crabtree

NAME: Mark Crabtree
ADDRESS: 7401 Hobbs Rd
PHONE: 270.229.3574

Katie Grossmann (Eaton)            

I am very happy to have found this site, I only wish I knew of it sooner. My father, Robert E. Eaton (Bob/Bobby), was on the USS Boxer in 1966. I'm not sure of the complete time span, but I know that year because of a book I have full of pictures that reads: U.S.S. BOXER LPH 4 APOLLO RECOVERY SHELLBACK CEREMONY FEBRUARY 1966 I would love to hear from anybody who knew him! He passed away several years back and wanted to learn more about his time on the ship. I heard quite a few stories about the fun he had on shore, but they weren't exactly the type of stories I'd pass down to my children...Hahaa! He mentioned before a few names of fellow shipmates he'd like to see again, but I cannot for the life of me remember them. So please, if anyone remembers him, even a little bit, don't hesitate to contact me! If anyone would like copies of the pictures I have, I'd be happy to copy and send them to you. Thank you for your time. Also, a big Thank You to everybody who has served our country so proudly! ~Katie

NAME: Katie Grossmann (Eaton)
ADDRESS: 522 Morgan Ct
CITY:Crown Point

Kenn Rothman            

Just An Initial Question...My Brother In Law, Raymond J. Sumser, Passed Away Last Week. He Was A Navy Pilot And Served Aboard The Boxer. We Are Thinking He Was Aboard Around 1953-54. The One Story He Always Told Was About A Plane Crashing On Board And A Large Fire. I Don't Know If There Is Anyone That May Remember Him In Your Group. If So, And They Want Any Information, They Can Contact Me At The E-mail Address I Have Provided. Thank You Kenn Rothman Former SM2 USS SEATTLE (AOE-3) 1969-1973

NAME: Kenn Rothman
ADDRESS: 2501 Blake Ave NW

Carl Calkins            

I just did a dumb thing, I sent an E- mail a few minutes ago looking for a lost ship mate and I didn't give you his name. He went aboard the Boxer in 1955. His name was William "Bill" Brand, from Austin,Texas. He went to "E"div. and I went to "E" div. on the Badoeng Strait. Haven't seen him since 1956. Hope you have him listed on your list and can connect us some how.

NAME: Carl Calkins
ADDRESS: 1696 NE 57th Ave
CITY: Hillsboro
STATE: Oregon
ZIP: 87124
PHONE: 503.648.5185

Cheryl Vos            

I collect antiques and now we are moving. In my collection, I have some documents from Lt (JG) W A Groening. Also a list of ports the USS Boxer sailed in 1945 and 2 letters written called "Navy Day" by Lt. Snell. Please let me know if you know the were abouts of Groening. I'd like to give him or his family these items. Thank you, Cheryl Wahn Vos Past Navy Vet

NAME: Cheryl Vos
ADDRESS: 5144 Waterloo Road
CITY: Burlington
STATE: Kentucky
ZIP: 41005
PHONE: 859-609-4624

Gary Werkheiser            

I served on the Boxer from July,61 through July 63. I was a member of your organization for awhile. My question has to do with medals. I believe the Boxer crew, during that time, rated the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, and the Nation Defense medal. Did the Marines also rate the Marine Corps Expeditionary medal? Also do you know if the issuance of these medals qualify a person for membership in the Veterans of Foreign Wars? Thanks, in advance, for any info you may contribute. Gary

NAME: Gary Werkheiser
ADDRESS: 4-B Marsh Harbor Dr.
CITY: Beaufort
STATE: South carolina
ZIP: 29907-1230
PHONE: 843-524-0606

Vince Jennings            

Hi My name is Vince Jennings. Served aboard the Boxer V6 division 1952-1954 (2) Korean cruises. Boarded the Boxer in San Francisco,Hunters point naval shipyard.I would like to hear from anyone out there who might remember me.

NAME: Vince Jennings
ADDRESS: 688 Cascade Dr
CITY: Mount Laurel
STATE: New Jersey
ZIP: 08054
PHONE: (856) 273-7999

Stephen Kimball            

Hi, my name is Stephen Kimball. I was on the boxer in Jan. 2 1966 till oct. 28 1969 R Div. D.C. shop.
Would like to hear from any one from there and ship fitter shop. Had some good times in panama city
with some of you guys not too mention Hong Kong.

Walt Jordan            

I am Walt Jordan, served on Boxer CV-21 June 1951 to June 1953. Was in F-Division, and later 4th division.  I am now trying to get in touch with some of the Boxer people who were acquainted with Ed Jahn. He was also F-Division.  In reading over the notes on the message board I came across the message from Dr. Jesse, and answered it. He is part of a military museum in Madrid Spain, and has Ed Jahn's military uniforms, from when he was a LtCommander in the reserves.  The story he told was that Ed had recently died, in Houston Texas, and a friend of Dr. Jesse had found the effects in bags placed on the curb in front of the house Ed had been living in.  He apparently had no survivors, no wife or children.  I had lost track of Ed since visiting him one time in the late 1950's. At that time he was an architect working and living in Dallas.  He seemed to be doing well, buying and renovating older homes in the older part of Dallas. Dr. Jesse is trying to find a photo of Ed to put with the uniforms. I was able to dig up some old Kodachromes of one time when we were on liberty in Yokosuka, but they are not for sure of Ed. I will send them to Dr. Jesse along with a couple of other Boxer pictures, cruising, refueling and one of the hangar deck fire of August 6, 1952.   I would also like to get back in touch with Jerry Thomas, who was OOD on that morning wath of August 6.  With Joe Bodovitz and myself as JOOD's  Jerry did a masterful job of preventing a bad situation from becoming a catastrophe. I don't know if he ever got the recognition he should have but he did all the right things at the right times.  Captain Gurney was aboard, and Captain Dennis Sullivan was still on board, having been relived about the day before. They let Jerry handle it , and it could not have been in better hands.  Commander Bengston was our Executive Officer, and he went to the hangar deck to fight the fire from there. One thing I remember was that after turning the ship across the wind to blow the smoke over the side, Jerry called down to the engine room watch officer, to see how bad the smoke was. Three fire rooms had bailed out from the dense smoke, and the watch officer said it was time for the others to go as well. Jerry told him he had to stay, we needed at least one fire room on line to keep steerage-way and to keep the fire mains working. So he stayed with a few of the crew, and we sent Fire-and -rescue teams with RBA's to them and switched out relief operators to keep that engine room on line. For several years I kept a copy of the ship's newspaper that had some good pictures of how the fire was fought. One picture I prized was of Melvin Doty, bent over to avoid the fifty-caliber rounds that were cooking off in the burning planes, and carrying two belts, of fifty calibers, one over each arm, taking them to the side to be jettisoned overboard. Quite a picture.    I would also like to get a copy of the cruise book for 1953, as I saw one time t5hat it had a full roster of the crew for that cruise. I had hoped that perhaps there might be some picture of Ed Jahn as well.   Thanks for any help you might give in these searches.  Walt Jordan 

Enlisted 1951 regular navy at 17 on a "kiddy cruise." I went out on 1953 tour to Korea attached to Composite Squadron 11 (VC-11) as aviation machinist mate (AD). Was a plane captain. Serviced and maintained my AD-4W Skyraider. Best all-around aircraft ever built. Our planes had a big radar dome underneath. They flew Air Cap, providing air early warning and intel to fighter aircraft. I still have my cruise book and squadron patch. Saw several planes land with holes in them, a few crashes, hung ordnance come loose on landings and planes tossed overboard because too damaged to repair. One AD came in too high, missed hooks, hung landing gear on cable barrier, flipped over and engine tore off. We were able to lift plane by hand so pilot could drop out uninjured. His helmet was scraped a little. The Sky Raider could take off with ordnance that weighed more than the plane. With a full load, when they took off, they would disappear below the level of the flight deck then slowly rise with a slight turn to the side. I later extended enlistment a year to make a Med Cruise on the USS Hornet and then on the USS Philippine Sea with remaining time. My squadron was based at NAS North Island,  San Diego. What I learned in the navy has served me well all my life.

Charles Carter OS-1 USNR ret.
Wichita, Kansas

Long story about reenlisting in the reserves and going from aircraft mech to Operations Specialist and making two week cruises on many different ships. My service record is as thick as a book.
You may edit this as it suits you.

I served aboard the USS Boxer(CVS-21) in 1957-58, I don't remember specific months.  I know the ship was in dry dock at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard when I went aboard.  Following refitting she went down to her home port in San Diego. I was an Aviation Storekeeper (AK3) serving in Supply-ARI.  I would be interested in hearing from anyone aboard the Boxer at that time who also served in ARI.

Roger Betz 

Hello. My name is Fred Hetu and my Dad served on the USS Boxer as a SN from Oct 1952 through May 1954. His name is Leo Hetu and I was hoping some of his shipmates may remember him for old time sake. He speaks fondly of his service in the US Navy and if anyone can help contact me at He is a Massachusetts resident.

TSgt Frederick Hetu USAFR

My name is Alvia (Bub) Smith and I was aboard the Boxer from Aug 1963 to Aug 1964 in E-Division.  Just looking for some shipmates in this division at the time I was on board.  Would like to hear from you.  My e-mail is  I was wondering about two in specific:  Michael Demming and John Meager.  Thanks for any info you can provide.

Alvia (Bub) Smith
Rochester, IN
Cell Phone 765-472-9339 

 HOMOSASSA,FL.34446      Formally FORT WAYNE, INDIANA       352 382 4463      260 241 3393 / Cell

I served aboard "THE BOXER" from November,1958 to September,1959 as a
Radarman.   Looking for any contacts from that time frame.
P/S  After many years I look back and think what a great bunch of guys
were in our division,and I should have  done a better job of staying connected.

GENE B.(Boxer Assoc.Life Member)

Dear Sir:

I found your info in the VFW magazine.

I am writing in regards to my wife's late father Charles Camara  serial # 7991669 , who was an aircraft mechanic on the USS Boxer CV21in Feb 1951. She has his medals but no photographs of him in uniform. I am hoping somebody at your reunion may have known him or at least somebody would have a photograph of him in uniform she could put with her medals.

We would appreciate any assistance from any of the reunion folks in this matter.

Sincerely yours,
Lyle and Sylvia McLeod
(918) 962-9092

ZIP: 73521
PHONE: 580-481-6836
FAX: 12/26/2007
B1: Send Feedback


Former shipmates of Warren Cribbs, served on U.S.S. Boxer during WWII, worked in the Engineering Department, possibly with the "Black Gang" If anyone recalls him, please send me an E-Mail. I'm trying to put together a historical memorial for the Cribbs family. Jerry Cribbs (Grandson)

NAME: Maureen
B1: Send Feedback

I was evacuated from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1965 from some field near the US Embassy and taken to the USS Boxer. Anybody out there served on that ship at that time? I'd like to thank whoever it was that played two square, basketball, gave me Dentine gum and took me to the doc when I got a nosebleed. I was 8. Let me know.

ZIP: 92092-2275
PHONE: 5305210101

I'm looking for information on my great grandpa, Captain DF Smith. He was the CO on CV-21, maybe somebody out there knew him?

NAME: Erik Freeman
ADDRESS: 824 Bellview St.
CITY: Winston-Salem
STATE: North Carolina
ZIP: 27103
PHONE: 336-768-7830

Just seeing if anyone remembers serving with my father, John William Freeman, Jr. on the U.S.S. Boxer during the Korean War. He was raised in Seattle, Washington. served as a crewman on a search and rescue helicopter from what I can recall. Thank You, Erik Freeman

NAME: Jean Miller

My Father served in the U.S. Navy in World War II. The time was 1944-1945. He was a radarman from Georgia. His name is Adrian Dwight Massey. If you served during this time and recognize my father as a fellow seaman, please e-mail me at the above address.

NAME: Maureen Milbach
CITY: Appleton

My Dad, William Milbach, was on the CV-21 Boxer between 1944 and 1946. He died in 1981 when I was 12 so never really got to hear some of the stories he had to share. Anyone who remembers him please email me. I'd love to know what life was like on this tour. Thanks to everyone for sharing your histories on this site. I've gained much from that.

NAME: Dr Jesse M Ruiz Moreno
ADDRESS: The Military Museum Cmte Ruizsainz
CITY: Madrid, Spain
Dear good friends, Does anyone know any details about LtCdr Edward C. Jahn USN(R) at present time he is died. He was an officer on board USS BOXER CVA-21 during the Korea conflict  The reason why I ask for help is simple, our museum kept with us all of his uniform and other memorabilia and would like to know more about him including pictures. Many thanks in advance for any assistance Best regards, Dr Jesse M Ruiz Moreno

ADDRESS: 126 Riverwalk Landing
CITY: Jacksonville
ZIP: 28540
PHONE: 910 539 6268

Looking for a copy of a picture/cruise book page etc. - suitable for framing that shows the Naval Aviator's wings that hung on the bulkhead of the Officer's Wardroom of USS Boxer CV-21. Would like to place this picture next to the original wings. If anyone has such a picture - please contact me. Thanks. CDR Bob Dupuis USNA '79.

NAME: Jackie Booth
ADDRESS: 34 Rosa Rd
CITY: Middletown
ZIP: 02842
PHONE: 401-835-0426

My Dad, Roger Mathieu served on the USS Boxer attached to Fighter Squadron 63 from January 1,1950-April 1, 1951 and on the USS Valley Forge from November 1951-May 1953 and the San Pablo from 1944-45. I believe he was a Chief during this period. Sadly he passed on August 15, 2007. He was so proud to serve his country. He spoke often of this tour. I have pictures with the following names mentioned- Alerich, Clayborne, Montgomery, Christian, Foster, Mills, Perkins, & Maddox. I'd be happy to forward. If anyone remembers him, please contact me. Thank you.

NAME: Larry Adams (Life)
ADDRESS: 606 1st Street
CITY: Columbus
STATE: Nebraska
ZIP: 68601-7923
PHONE: 402-564-9035

I'm sad to say that a shipmate has gone to that big navy in the sky, Ralph Phillip Yeomans RDSN OI Division USS Boxer LPH4 1963-1965 passed away Feb. 2007 in Orlando, Fla. Words of sorrow may be passed on to his niece, Wanda Yeomans O'Grady E-mail Address Phil was such a fun guy, I had been in search of him since the 2nd Omaha reunion, now I no longer need to search, God rest his soul. Larry Adams

NAME: Rory Sturm
ADDRESS: 714 Quarterpath Lane
CITY: Colonial Heights
ZIP: 23834
PHONE: 804-530-8864

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of my father LCDR Charles B. Sturm on March 12, 2007. He was aboard the USS Boxer (CV-21) attached to Sqdn VF 142 when it was deployed to Korea in March, 1951. He shared stories with me about his time aboard the Boxer and displayed a fondness for the ship and its crew.

NAME: Larry McKenny
ADDRESS: 76 Knollwood
CITY: Clawson
STATE: Michigan
ZIP: 48017

I was in V-4 division from 1963 until 1965 and made 3rd class Avialtion Administration while ship was in santo Domingo picking up US civilians. Was flown off to Air feild in Santo Domingo and home to NAS Norfolk and VAW-12 Squadron. Had a great time on Boxer and loved going from Norfolk to Virgin Islands for 3 month tours. Rough Duty!!

NAME: John
ADDRESS: 217 Peace St.
CITY: North Wilkesboro
STATE: North Carolina
ZIP: 28659
PHONE: 704-425-6468

My Grandpa served aboard the Boxer from 1945 to 1947.. He was a Corsair/Helldiver pilot.. His name is Leroy Mashburn.  If anyone remembers him please email me.  Here is his Navy profile from the Navy museum in Pensacola..

NAME: O.B. Baker
ADDRESS: 129 Golden Pond Drive
CITY: Lexington
STATE: South Carolina
ZIP: 29073
PHONE: (803) 791-5557

I served on the USS Boxer from September, 1952, to November, 1953. I would very much like to hear from anyone who remembers a fire aboard the Boxer during that time (not the fire of August, 1952) or anyone who could verify planes that crashed aboard the Boxer during that time with fatalities. I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks, O. B. Baker

NAME: Bob Malain
ADDRESS: 861 13th Street
CITY: Oakmont
ZIP: 15139
PHONE: 412-826-1959

Great Home Page! I'm looking for a friend who served aboard the Boxer about 1958-1960. His name is Gerald Wolf (or De Wolf). The last time I saw him was on the flight deck when I visited him from the USS Pocono (AGC 16) just before he was discharged. I would like to contact him if possible. Thanks, Bob Malain QM2 (I didn't find a crew listing at your site).

NAME: Robert Riddle
ADDRESS: 2043 Lakewood Place
CITY: Crown Point
ZIP: 46307
PHONE: 219 226 3110

I am looking for a friend, Charles T. Benton "Charley", who was transferred to the USS Guam on Sept 4, 1969.  Service Number is B61 96 94. Does anybody know where I can locate him?

I might be wrong but I believe that the AOMT2c stands for Aviation Ordinance Motor Torpedo Second Class.  If anyone out there knows different please contact Carl and copy to webmaster . Carl, your uncle's "next of kin" can order a complete copy of his service record from the National Archive in St. Louis, MO.  Many of the acronyms will be spelled out in the service record.  The next of kin can also request replacement medals and ribbons. Webmaster

NAME: Carl Wimmer
ADDRESS: 4 Apollo Rd
CITY: Londonderry
ZIP: 03053
B1: Send Feedback


My uncle George L. Wimmer was assigned to CV-21 5/1/45-to late Oct 1946. Two things, I wondered if anyone on board during that time may remember him. And, secondly, his rank was AOMT2c. What does that mean? I was army. I get the 2c part, but what is the AOMT? I am sure he was on other ships prior to the Boxer. Does anyone know how I can find out which they were? I do have his service number. FYI, he passed away back in the 80's. Thanks Carl

I'm not sure if this picture is something you would post on the association web site, or not, but here it is. Six guys from the IC gang of the mid-sixties got together on May 7, 8, and 9 in Maryland. We had a great time reminiscing, and are planning to do it again next year. We are looking for more IC guys that served w/us for next years get-together, @ a time & place to be determined. A posting on the Boxer web site could help us out.

If you decide it's appropriate to post the picture, and names, feel free to put my e-mail out there, too.  The guys are, left to right, Mike Mc Nelly, John Hodorski, Jim McKeon, Jim "Bud" Claycomb, Ernest Filomarino, and Jack Luther.

Thanks a lot, and I'm looking forward to seeing you in San Diego.

NAME: Steve Norquist
CITY: Vermillion
ZIP: 57069
PHONE: 605-202-1576

Shirley Allen Norquist, my father, was on the USS Boxer from 1950-53 during the Korean War, and he may well have been one of the photographers who took pictures of sailors shopping in Seoul on "Remember When," as he left behind photo album with very similar photographs in them, and he was one of the Boxer photographers. He died in 1980, and was from Huron, SD. His nickname was "Shirts" and he was 5'8" but very tough and wiry. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who may have served with him.

NAME: Jeffrey Ricks
ADDRESS: 16660 Bogle Ln
CITY: Foley
ZIP: 36535
PHONE: 251-943-2949

My name is Jeffrey Ricks, Ltcol USAF (Ret) and I found this site in the reunions section of this month's "Military Officer" magazine. My father proudly served aboard the Boxer (CVA-21) as an A-1 Skyraider mechanic assigned to VA-145 and was aboard for her 1955/56 Far East Cruise. I still have his cruise book and it is still in pretty good shape. It went through a flood and the binding is shot but the pictures are all in excellent shape. There are some great pictures of operations and crew along with some amazing hand-drawn artwork of "The Indomitable Lady" If anyone remembers AD2 or ADR2 Ewell E. (Earl) Ricks, I would appreciate hearing from you. I remember every story he ever told about that cruise and the pride he felt as part of such a magnificent crew was a large part of him until he died several years ago. His time aboard the Boxer became and will always be a part of my life. Thanks.

NAME: Timothy John Scubert
ADDRESS: 3010 Clay St SE
CITY: Albany
STATE: Oregon
ZIP: 97322
PHONE: 541-926-1896

My Dad served on the Boxer during Korea. He served in E Division. His name was John Harold Schubert. He always talked about the Boxer. Sadly, he passed away a couple of years back. Just to let you know. Tim Schubert

NAME: Mac Roberts
ADDRESS: 3433 Laurel View Road
CITY: Knoxville
ZIP: 37917
PHONE: 865-524-7365
FAX: 865-637-5381

Would Like to hear from Marines who served on Boxer from 1961 thru 1963. I was in V6 Division during this period.

NAME: George Colangelo
ADDRESS: 651 Hapsfield Ln #204
CITY: Buffalo Grove
ZIP: 60089
PHONE: (847) 537-4760

I was a plank owner of the USS Boxer. I left the Ship in Saipan in the Spring of 1946. I served in the H Division. Like to hear from any of you guys. 

NAME: Cathleen Poole
CITY: Raleigh
ZIP: 27609
PHONE: 919-749-6317


My Father, Richard Earl Poole, or Rich served on the USS Boxer during Vietnam. He also took part in the spacecraft recovery operation in the late 60s. He pasted away in 1998.  He went aboard Boxer on August 3, 1965 as an FA and was released April 30, 1969 as an FN. I’m looking for those that served with him. Please Email

NAME: Grant Woods
CITY: Shelbyville
STATE: Illinois
ZIP: 62565

My name is Grant Woods. My Dad Kenneth Woods served aboard the Boxer from late '56 through '58 in V-1 division. He is doing good and says hello to all you old salts out there. He has found a couple of his old buddies but is still looking for James A. Purl. If anyone has any information on Mr. Purl please contact me and I will pass on the information or if you remember my Dad and would like to say hi let me know. He also wanted to say "Hey Rodney Keaton give Kenny Woods a call!" He does not know this, at least not until he reads this, I would like to find any cruise books or pictures that anyone may have from this time frame as my Dad lost all of his stuff in a fire in '71. It would mean a lot to him I am sure. Thanks in advance.

NAME: James Breedlove
ADDRESS: 1687 11th St
CITY: Los Osos
ZIP: 93402
PHONE: 805-528-5108

My father, Clifford J. Breedlove, crewmember of the Boxer during the Korean War, passed away in 1996.

NAME: Deana Settlemyre
ADDRESS: 174 E. Bay Street, Suite 100
CITY: Charleston
ZIP: 29401
PHONE: 843-727-6525
FAX: 843-727-3103

If you served with Shipmate Jack V. Welch  during the period of 1/1/1960 to 12/3/1964 please contact me.  He died of cancer from asbestos.   I represent his widow and am assisting her in determining which asbestos products he was around.    Thank you!

NAME: Vintage Wings of Canada
ADDRESS: 1699 rue Arthur Fecteau St.
CITY: Gatineau Airport
STATE: Que., Canada
ZIP: J8R 2Z9
PHONE: 613-592-4388

I am the historian for the Vintage Wings of Canada Foundation. We are an organization dedicated to the preservation and flying of historic aircraft. We have just acquired a F4U-4B Corsair which served on the USS Boxer during the Korean War. I would like to fill in some gaps in the history of this aircraft and would appreciate any help your members might be able to provide.  The Chance-Vought construction number is 9513 and the Bureau Number is 97359. It is believed that the aircraft was with VF-44 Squadron with 300 combat hours to its credit. Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to provide. Sincerely, Donald R. MacNeil

NAME: Thomas Wolter
ADDRESS: 1826 East Iowa Ave
CITY: St.Paul
STATE: Minnesota
ZIP: 55119
PHONE: 651-774-6734

Was On the USS Boxer in 1960 to 1962.  Second Deck Division

NAME: David E. Kaus
ADDRESS: 8790 Nash Hill
CITY: Gowanda
STATE: New York
ZIP: 14070
PHONE: 716-257-9144

Dear Sirs: I am the son of Frank E. Kaus a plank owner of the CV-21 1945-1946. Dad is still alive, he is 92 years old and in good health. He has never worn glasses, and has perfect vision still. If anyone is out there from the plank owners crew, I am sure he would like to hear from you. Thank You, David E. Kaus

NAME: Lawrence J. Schroeder
ADDRESS: 15 York Drive
CITY: Wheatley Heights
STATE: New York
ZIP: 11798

I recently learned of your organization and wish to inform you that I served on the Boxer for only 6 weeks during March-April 1955 in the medical department to assist in the fleet training exercises off the coast of California. Since I had been through the training twice on the USS Hornet and I was due to be released from the Navy shortly, they sent me to the Boxer to provide experience to the new members of the medical department staff. I was an HM2.

NAME: Frank Donald Gardner (Don)
ADDRESS: 959 Pine Trail
CITY: Rochester Hills
STATE: Michigan
ZIP: 48307
PHONE: 248-651-7024

I served on the Boxer as a seamen in 1947, & have a few pictures of plane crashes and a great picture of the boxer, just leaving the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a great ship, Ring was Captain when I served.

NAME: Eric Zimdars
ADDRESS: 181 Clyde Rd.
CITY: Athens
ZIP: 30605
PHONE: 706 354-8381

My grandfather was a crew member during one of the Boxer's tours to Korea. Stanley J. Marshall is his name, and I am pleased to see that you have created a website about the ship. He use to tell me stories about the ship when I was younger. I want to say thank you on his behalf for creating this website and to keep up the good work.   

NAME: Chris Aquilina
CITY: Taylor
STATE: Michigan
ZIP: 48180

Hail Fellow shipmates!!!! I was aboard from July "67" until Feb. "68" I was in V-1 Division, ABH-2. My last ship. I was discharged in Jax. Fla. Had good times aboard her.

NAME: roy cooper
ADDRESS: hc 65 box 112
CITY: wayside
ZIP: 24985
PHONE: 304-466-5523

I found your site while plowing around. Thought I should say something. I served on Boxer from april 64 thru feb 68. I was in OI division and left the ship as an rd2. I saw where Adams of nebraska had logged in and thought I should also. Currently I am an elementary school teacher here in West Virginia.

NAME: Sherry Huycke
ADDRESS: 1043 Windjammer Dr
CITY: Hampton
ZIP: 23669-1034
PHONE: 757-850-2497
FAX: 757-850-2497
B1: Send Feedback


I am looking for a veteran of the Boxer whom my mother met in Warwick County (Newport News), Virginia in the mid to late 1940's. His name is Clarence Calhoun. My 84 year old mother says his middle initial is "P" but I'm thinking that I wouldn't necessarily hold to that initial. After about 60 years, she COULD be wrong about the middle initial! His date of birth she remembers definitely is May, the year about 1915 or 1916. He was about 6 years older than her. She says he got out of the Navy and moved to Los Angeles, CA where he went to Bible College. Seems to remember that he may have taught there. Said he was a minister with the Four Square Church. If you could provide any information, or know how to contact him, please let me know. If he is still living, and the preferred way is to have HIM contact ME if he wants to, then please any of you write to me at or call 757-850-2497. Anything would be appreciated. Respectfully, Sherry Huycke

NAME: Robert L. Shofstall
ADDRESS: 219 N. Charity St.
CITY: Bethel
ZIP: 45106
PHONE: 513-252-1330

My uncle Clyde E. Shofstall served many years in the Navy and many of those years was on the Boxer. He has passed away several years back. He was a hero to me. If anyone knew him and has any stories to share please contact me. Thank you! I have really enjoyed this web site.

NAME: Russell S. Jones
ADDRESS: 196 Veronica Court
CITY: Charles Town
STATE: West Virginia
ZIP: 25414
PHONE: 304-728-4365

I'm conducting genealogical research on my uncle, Raymond Jones, who served as pilot aboard the USS Boxer in the early 1950s and died in a crash at sea (I think in or near the Philippines) in early 1952 (possibly April or May). Would be interested in obtaining any publicly-available unit histories, pictures, and especially any news/comments/pictures from Boxer vets of that era who knew my uncle. Thanks Russ Jones Charles Town, WV

NAME: Edward D. Gurley
ADDRESS: 4732 Radcliff Rd.
CITY: Raleigh
ZIP: 27609
PHONE:   919-781-7820


I would like to hear from any one in the E-Div who served aboard the Boxer from 1949 till 1952.

NAME: cecil cartwright
ADDRESS: 2280 E. Orchid Avenue
CITY: La Habra
ZIP: 90361
PHONE: 562-691-8832
FAX: 562-697-0303

I would like to hear from any one that was aboard the Boxer from 1956 to 1958. I was in A division in the forward emergency generator room diesel gang. I am also planning to be at the San Diego reunion. Hope to hear from you soon.

NAME: sharon boyer
ADDRESS: 451 sycamore springs st
CITY: debary
ZIP: 32713
PHONE: 3866687303

My father, John R. Wallace CM1c, was an original plank owner of the USS Boxer.  He died on May 5, 1949.  I am hoping someone one would have known him and if possible forward me any information about him. Sharon Boyer

NAME: Steve Tetino
ADDRESS: 168 Ohare Road
CITY: Canonsburg
ZIP: 15317
PHONE: 724/745-8124

Anyone out there that was on the Boxer around April /May of 1954 when she was steaming in the Gulf Of Tonkin when the French were in the Battle of Dien Bien Phu.  The Boxer and the Essex were both steaming off the coast. Let me know. My email is . Seems it's not in the History of the ship. Captain Moore was the CO . Anyone needing info on other ships try  Thanks

NAME: Craig Bowerson
ADDRESS: 20 1/2 W. Hanover Ave
CITY: Morris Plains
STATE: New Jersey
ZIP: 07950
PHONE: (973)8863602

To whom it may concern: I am currently enlisted in the US Navy and am stationed at MA "A" school in Dam Neck VA. My great-grandfather served on the USS BOXER in WWII and I wanted to find out if you or anyone associated with this page could tell me any thing about him. His name was Donald A. Bowerson. I was told that he was a Commander later became a Captain. I was also told that he did engineering on the ship. If you could e-mail me back and let me know either way I would forever be indebted to you. Thank you Craig Bowerson

NAME: Rod Windholz
ADDRESS: 11701 Community Ctr Dr
CITY: Northglenn
ZIP: 80233

My father served on the USS Boxer after the war in 1945. His name was Cyril Windholz, may have gone by the name of "CY". He did not talk about his time in the Navy as his kids were going up. If anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciate if you would contact me.

NAME: Nina Hedrick
ADDRESS: 4904 Hills St
CITY: Granite City
ZIP: 62040
PHONE: 618-931-2816

My daughter just came across this website. My husband Thomas Hedrick, was aboard USS Boxer and USS Knapp between 1955-1959. He recently passed away Sept. 8, 2006. I just thought it would be nice to hear from anyone who served with him. If you could contact me or have anyone who was on the ship at that time, contact me it would be great. I have a lot of pics and I don't know who a lot of the men are. I would be very greatful. Thank you to all.

NAME: Bill Townsend
ADDRESS: 316 Swamp Road
CITY: Morgantown
ZIP: 19543
PHONE: 610-286-9279

Dear Crewmen of the Great Boxer: I have a friend for many years with last name Pontisen. He said his Dad was on USS Boxer in WWII. He would like to know if anyone knows him. I was very interested in that since I was aboard the USS Intrepid in 1968 to 1970. His Dad is still alive in Florida. Hope someone knows him. Like you site very much. Sincerely, Bill Townsend.

NAME: Roy A. Erwin
ADDRESS: 10332 W. Brookside Dr.
CITY: Sun City
STATE: Arizona
ZIP: 85351
PHONE: 623-876-9249

Anyone from VF-194 attend this reunion? I am Roy A. Erwin, AT in VF-194, on the cruise aboard the Boxer in 1953. My e-mail address is, and my home phone no. is 623-876-9249.

ZIP: 75403
EMAIL: bethwood@geusnet,com
PHONE: 903 455 6066

Served on boxer 61/63 in R Div. would like to find mates JIM VARNER (TX) W O PUCKETT (WVA) and a PFC LEROY SEITZ (NY) Roy was with troops that came aboard during the Cuban operations also ROBERT ROMANINI (OH) JOE WEIDGER (PA) can u help?

NAME: Rodger Jones Jr.
ADDRESS: 4901 Sherlyn Ave SE
CITY: Port Orchard
STATE: Washington
ZIP: 98367
PHONE: 360-874-1476

I am trying to replace my fathers (Rodger D Jones ) and uncles( Edward L Angel )shellback certificate. They both served on the Boxer when it crossed in Feb. of 66. This is the only information I have been able to locate. If someone still has their certificate or the actual date and crossing point information or even a photocopy it would be greatly appreciated.

NAME: Viola Neumann Lane
ADDRESS: 1443 Hanover Street
CITY: Meriden
ZIP: 06451
PHONE: 203 639-8953

I'm trying to locate, and get in touch with Harvey Neumann, who served aboard the USS Boxer in 1947. Please anyone with any information, contact Viola Neumann Lane, 1443 Hanover Ave., South Meriden, Ct. 06451 or call 203 639-8953. Thank you for your help.

NAME: Anne-Lisse Markham
ADDRESS: 2303 North Izabel Street #1
CITY: Flagstaff
STATE: Arizona
ZIP: 86004
B1: Send Feedback


Hello, My name is Anne-Lisse Markham. My step dad Oscar Albee LaFarge was an officer on the Boxer in the early 1950's. He survived a ship explosion and was awarded five medals. He later changed his name to Peter LaFarge and made six albums. Some of them were about cowboys, Indians, and love. He wrote the song, 'The Ballad of Ira Hayes", made famous by Johnny Cash. There is a major motion picture in the works, but, we need your help. If there is anyone out there that remembers him or has information or has photos etcetera.....please contact me. Sincerely, Anne-Lisse

NAME: Todd Knight
ADDRESS: 132 NW 17th
CITY: Richmond
ZIP: 47374
PHONE: 765-939-7105

My dad served on the Boxer from Jan. '66 to Aug. '68. His name is Larry G. Knight and he was a DMSN (draftsman). He is getting ready to turn 60 this Saturday and I was trying to do something special for him. If you served with him please send him a birthday card or a note or call him at 765-962-8941. Larry Knight, 1905 Northwest "N" Street, Richmond, IN  47374.  Thanks Todd

NAME:  Frank E. Bustamante
ADDRESS: 8392 Yorkshire Ave
CITY: Anaheim
ZIP: 92804
PHONE: 714-534-1470


NAME: Bernie Deshaw
ADDRESS: 1935 Overview Dr.
CITY: Lecanto
STATE: Florida
ZIP: 34461
PHONE: 352-628-6811

I served aboard the Boxer in V-5 division during Operation Hardtack.. I would like to hear from anyone who was in my division at that time.

NAME: Tracy Cochran
CITY: Roseville
ZIP: 43777
PHONE: 740 697 0298

I'm looking for anyone who might have know my Father. His name is Roy Cochran. He was on the Boxer I believe in 1964 to 1967. There was a famous hang out in Norfolk called MOM'S place. That's where he my mother and a lot of his friends hung out. There were also a few guys that played in a band at Mom's place that served with him. Anyone with any info please e-mail it would be much appreciated. Thanks His daughter Tracy

NAME: Richard P. Tobin
ADDRESS: 206 Hampton Way
CITY: Carrollton
STATE: Georgia
ZIP: 30116
PHONE: 770-830-8253

I served aboard the Boxer during the years 1959 to 1961 in the "OE" division as an electronic technician. I left the Navy in 1961, subsequently went to college, graduated eventually from State University of New York at Oswego in 1967 and taught mathematics for 31 years in Oswego, New York. I am very happy and proud to have found a connection to the Boxer. I think our ship never had the notoriety of some of the other ships, but was an important part of our Naval history.

NAME: Steven M. Sexton
ADDRESS: 132 Brannon Circle
CITY: Inman
STATE: South Carolina
ZIP: 29349
PHONE: 864-578-3634

My father Steven Carroll Sexton served on board the Boxer during the Korean Cruise of 53 with VF-52 and is looking for some shipmates that served with him. Elmer Thane Collins, Sun City KS., Macio Brown, Omaha, NB., Leonard Hall, Columbus, OH., Robert L. Schoenhoff, Louisville, KY., Anthony C. Machela, Detroit, MI., Lloyd M. Ballard, Jacksonville, TX., Thomas P. McDonald, Slayton, MN., and Jerome C. Soboleski, Chicago, IL. These are some folks he would like to catch up with and their original home towns as listed in the Cruise Book. Any information any members could provide would be greatly appreciated!

NAME: John Darrow
ADDRESS: 144 Lehigh Ave
CITY: Flagler Beach
STATE: Florida
ZIP: 32136

I just visited this site and was shocked to see the Army Mule on the Fantail. I can remember as if it were yesterday when the ships First Lt. LCDR Henry Remsen hunted me down to Pipe the Damn Mule over the side! It even had 4 sideboys! But I was promised that we would exact revenge for this rendering of honors to a Mule. He was a man of his word! And if I remember correctly, the Captain took him of the Watch Bill as the higher ups did not care for the branding. When we got back to Norfolk the Virginia Pilot had the Headlines Flank Hero Returns Home! 

NAME: Cecil Cartwright
ADDRESS: 2280 E. Orchid Avenue
CITY: La Habra
ZIP: 90631
PHONE: 562-691-8832
FAX: 562-697-0303

This message is for L. V. Youngblood. Are you the same Youngblood that served aboard in 1956-57 in the Diesel gang. A Division in forward emergency generator. If so I would like to hear from you. Cecil Cartwright 565-691-8832

NAME: Joseph Thornton
ADDRESS: 8236 Lode Star Avenue
CITY: Pensacola
STATE: Florida
ZIP: 32514-7469
PHONE: {850} 471-0074

Thank you very much for allowing me to post my previous message looking for information on the death of Capt. Donald F. Smith. In my continued research, I did uncover the fact that he died in Coronado, Ca. 13 March 1991. He was buried with his wife Sophie in Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery. Capt. Smith entered the service 2 June, 1921. He retired from service 30 June, 1951. Capt. Smith was born in South Carolina 2 June, 1900. He was the son of the Governor of South Carolina. After graduating from the academy, he earned his wings in Pensacola and soon after married my Mother, Lottie Pitt.  I wish all of your members the very best and I thank you again for allowing me to post my messages. Sincerely, Joseph T. Thornton Pensacola, Fl.


I believe that I am about to come into possession of the gold Naval Aviators wings that hung in the officers wardroom of the Boxer before she was decommssioned in 1969. Does their exist any photos of the wardroom that might show these so that I can verify the authenticity? Thanks.......Bob Dupuis Commander USNR Ret.

NAME: Michael Dollaghan
ADDRESS: 7001 Rozena Dr.
CITY: Longmont
ZIP: 80503
PHONE: 303 776 7140

My Father, Michael “Jack” Dollaghan served on the Boxer during the years 1944-1946. I would like to get in touch with anybody who might have served on the Boxer at the same time as him or might have even known him. If you have any information, please call Mike at 303-776-7140 or email me at

NAME: William T. Hill
ADDRESS: 2060 Cormorant Drive
CITY: Fairfield
ZIP: 94533-2537
PHONE: (707) 422-1876

I am trying to find Herbert Glenn JR. He was assigned to VA-65 as an AT-3. He was from New Jersy . Also a John Cook . He was assigned to VF-63. He was an AT-3 . We were on the August 1950 to November 1950 cruise in support of United nations Police Action. Are they or were they members of your organization? If they were do you have a mailing address for those members? Thank you

NAME: Brian Montgomery
ADDRESS: 15941 Hwy135
CITY: Overton
STATE: Texas
ZIP: 75684

TAPS... My father William Patrick Montgomery Served on the Valley Forge '51-52 Boxer 1952-1953 Born 6-8-32, Died 8-1-2005 3rd class petty officer, Mechanic on F4U-5nl Coursair,VC3,NP Plane #3

NAME: Paul T. Lujan
ADDRESS: 2606 1/2 St.
CITY: Sacramento
STATE: California
ZIP: 95816
PHONE: 916-583-3350

I was on the USS Boxer for about 3 months and I loved every minute of it. This was because I was in the Marine Corps and the ship was my ride home from the war in Iraq. I ran in to this site by accident and I'm glad I did. Thank You.

NAME: Dan Garcia
CITY: Shorewood

This is for George Perkins ABH3. I can't put a face to the name, but the name is familiar. I too worked in V6.Spent many many hours on a tug dragging that metal contraption around the hangar deck. If I remember right, we used powder graphite to shine it. What a mistake! made the deck like glass. Almost lost a helo over the side because of it!

NAME: Manuel Guzman
ADDRESS: 741 West County Line Road
CITY: Calimesa
STATE: California
ZIP: 92320
PHONE: (909) 795-5873

Looking to find my fellow shipmates: Roy Harris who served on the Boxer CVA21 between 53-58. Was a good buddy of mine. Also looking for Jerry Koch who served with me at the FPO124 in Pearl Harbor. Thanks to all for your help....Guz

NAME: Joseph L. Pires
ADDRESS: 23 Rebecca Lane
CITY: Osterville
STATE: Massachusetts
ZIP: 02655

As the Ship & Website Historian for the USS BENNINGTON CV/CVA/CVS-20 (your sister ship) - I just wanted to take this opportunity to say, "BRAVO ZULU" on a fine website. Enjoyed going through every page! Keep up the good work and my hat goes off to your webmaster and those who set up BOXER........ Sincerely & Fraternally yours, Joseph L. Pires USS BENNINGTON HISTORIAN "former" 3rd Class Storekeeper, Supply Department (S-1 Division) 1965-1969

NAME: Tom Wimberly, Captain USN Retired
CITY: Corpus Christi
ZIP: 78412
PHONE: 361/992-1946

I am a past president and currently membership chairman of the USS Hancock (CV/CVA-19)Association. We have about 1,400 members. I'm interested in exchanging information with the Boxer organization. For example, I send our quarterly newsletter to the Forrestal Association, and they send theirs to me. I currently send our newsletters to reps of Shangri-La, Bennington, & Oriskany.  Also send our newsletter to the carrier museums: Yorktown, Intrepid, Lexington, Hornet, Midway. Do you publish a newsletter?  Someone contact me. Also on a personal note, I have a question. What was the radio call-sign of Boxer during the Korean War?  I was over there in 1952-53 aboard Kearsarge. We were "Banknote." Essex was "Undermine." Bon Homme Richard was "Trustfund" I believe. Someone was "Passbook;" I believe it may have been Princeton. 

NAME: Richard Smith
ADDRESS: 237 Riverview Rd
CITY: Ottertail
STATE: Minnesota
ZIP: 56571
PHONE: 218 367-2067

I served on the Boxer from March '65 to Feb '67. Was in V4 Division but worked as Air Office Yeoman along side Richie Queen (V1) and Tom Dinofa (V6). Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me, especially Richie and/or Tom.

NAME: David Tucker
ADDRESS: 12 Orchard Street
CITY: Marcellus
STATE: New York
ZIP: 13108
PHONE: 315 673 3237

I'm a former MM3 aboard Boxer from 2/68 to 11/69. B Division, forward evaporators. Also the Oil Shack briefly. Names from the Compartment, Kempton, Kibbler, Thorson, Crawford, Lowe, Hooker, Best, Lt. Kline, it's coming back. Chief Nelson, Chief Phillips from #2 Fireroom. Remember the long climb down to the forward DC Pumproom? Feel free to contact me. Thanks

NAME: Joseph Thornton
ADDRESS: 8236 Lode Star Avenue
CITY: Pensacola
STATE: Florida
ZIP: 32514-7469
PHONE: {850} 471-0074

My name is Joseph T. Thornton-Pensacola, Fl. I am trying to complete my family Genealogy record and need a little help. Capt. Donald F. Smith was the USS Boxer Capt. April-1945 to June-1946. Capt. Smith married my Mother in Pensacola in 1926. They had a daughter (Donna) and then divorced. My Mother then married my father and Donna and I were raised together. She died in 1997. She had 5 children. Neither she nor her children ever knew Capt. Smith. I know that he retired in Coronado with his second wife-Sophie T. Smith. I have learned that she died in May-1991 and is buried at Ft. Rosecrans Cemetery. I have been unable to uncover any record on Capt. Smith. I would assume he has passed away. I would like to complete the record for his grand children and their descendants. If anyone could help me complete this record I would certainly appreciate your help. Sincerely, Joseph T. Thornton

NAME: Joe Riley
ADDRESS: 9129 Bretshire Dr.
CITY: Dallas
STATE: Texas
ZIP: 75228
PHONE: 214-328-1781

I'm trying to track down a gentleman who served on the Boxer sometimes in the 50's or 60s. His name is Jay Ferguson and he was a teacher of mine in the early 70s. All I remember from his personal life was, he was proud to be in the Navy and serve aboard the Boxer. I'm trying to find him and thank him for being a great teacher and influence on my life. Any leads to help find him would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joe Riley

NAME: Richard R. Hall
ADDRESS: 622 Amoretti
CITY: Thermopolis
ZIP: 82443
PHONE: 307-864-5552

Looking for information on RM3 Robert Harrison who served with me on the Boxer from 1948 through the middle of 1952. Was from Evanston, Indiana as I recall. We spent our navy hitch joined at the hip. We attended the same Boot Camp company, were transferred to the fleet on the USS Antietam, then the USS Bairoko and finally to the Boxer where we spend the bulk of our hitch. Lost contact, and any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

NAME: Richard R Hall
ADDRESS: 622 Amoretti
CITY: Thermopolis,
STATE: Wyoming
ZIP: 82430-0022
PHONE: 307-864-5552

Prior to the Korean War, the Navy was hard pressed to provide money for at-sea training cruises and exercises. This shortage was not lost on the crews, and some poetic soul constructed a poem that began. "A year ago today, we got underway and moved 100 yards up the dock!" Got to thinking about it the other day, and wondered if any of you recall the poem and...Please God!...remember how the rest of the piece went. Thanks in advance for thinking about it, and for supplying it...if you can. Cordially. Richard R Hall, QM3, ON Div, 1949-52.

NAME: Glenn Fabisack
ADDRESS: 6022 Hugo Dr.
CITY: Corpus Christi
STATE: Texas 78412
ZIP: 78412
PHONE: 361-994-7976

Looking for pictures of the USS LEO AKA 60 taken from the Boxer during 1950 to 1954.

NAME: Larry Adams
ADDRESS: 606 1st Street
CITY: Columbus
STATE: Nebraska
ZIP: 68601-7923
PHONE: 402-564-9035
COMMENTS Ref your message on the message board, though I did not know Tony Russo personally I did meet him once and through the meeting he arranged to ride with me and some other New York City area shipmates. I am Larry Adams RD3 OI Division 1963-1966 USS Boxer. If any shipmates care to communicate I can be reached at or 402-564-9035.

NAME: Jessica Reed
ADDRESS: 222 Central Avenue
CITY: Salamanca
STATE: New York
ZIP: 14779

I am looking for information on my Grandfather Donald Edward Peters Sr.. He served on the USS Boxer during World War II. I appreciate any information that you would have, I have never met him due to his passing before my birth. Even if you could possibly direct me to someone who could be of help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.

NAME: ronda everist
ADDRESS: 668 vincent ave.
CITY: central point
STATE: oregon
ZIP: 97502
PHONE: 541-664-2546

I am interested in locating cruise books (there were 2) from approx 1952-1956.  My father, August W. Palmer, was on the USS Boxer at that time and a few years ago his cruise books disappeared. He was very upset and has since past away.  Sincerely, Ronda (Palmer) Everist

NAME: Nick Montano
ADDRESS: 164 Robertson Way
CITY: Lincoln Park
STATE: New Jersey
ZIP: 07035
PHONE: 973-422-5792
FAX: 973-422-0035

My father John J. Montano served on the Boxer CV-21 from 1944-46 I believe. He was known as Monty as far as we were told. I was wondering if anyone had any information or remembers him. He passed away in 1985 and anything anyone can pass along would be great. He had lots of great memories of his service onboard and I would love to hear back form any of his shipmates.

NAME: Ralph Clem
ADDRESS: 2218 Indiana Avenue
CITY: Connersville
ZIP: 47331
PHONE: 765-825-7967

I was aboard the Boxer from 1944 - 1945, and was member of the A Division - #2 Boiler-room. Would really like to get in touch with anyone who might have been in the same Division during that time.

NAME: Russell, David J BM3
ADDRESS: 3710 West Main 
CITY: Batavia
STATE: New York
ZIP: 14020-9466
PHONE: 585-343-4277

Great website I was aboard the "B" from march of 65 to sept 67, 2nd div. I am looking to talk to any shipmates that remember the "Possem" from the latter pocket and the boat boom operator. Lt. Joel J. Phillippi, you still around? I am still looking to find a cruse book from when we crossed the equator in feb 66. Paid for it never got it as was transferred to RVN before it came to the ship. Still have receipt and have tried to find the company that put it out but no luck in finding it. They seem to have gone out of business since then. LCDR Remsen...the best shot man with the shot line gun I ever met... A lot of fine memories from the "Busy B" Who remembers BOSON Sparks WO4? David "Possem" Russell BM3, 2 nd div.

NAME: Russ W. Nelson
ADDRESS: 1368 10th Ave. #4 SE
CITY: Rochester
ZIP: 55904
PHONE: 507-292-1084

Operation Hardtack, 1958. Served aboard the USS Boxer, 1957 thru 1959.

NAME: Travis Bartholomew
ADDRESS: 1600 Prairie Run Cir.
CITY: Mulvane
ZIP: 67110
PHONE: 316-777-1820
FAX: 316-652-2312

My father, Richard Duane "Bart" Bartholomew, served on the Boxer in the mid-1950s. He passed away in 1994 and, with the exception of a few vague references and stories, he never really talked about his time in the Navy. Now that I am older and in the military myself (Army - Sorry, Dad), I would like to know if there is anyone out there that served with him that could talk with me about what he did and what life was like aboard the Boxer at that time. I appreciate any help I can get.

NAME: Terry Berthold
ADDRESS: 4 Green Ivy Circle
CITY: Rochester
ZIP: 14623
PHONE: 585-321-1741


My name is Terry Berthold, my twin John and I were on the USS Boxer from 1964 to 1967. John was damage control, I was a commissaryman. We played in the Rock and Roll Band. Their names are Ken (can't remember the last name) on Sax and Keyboard. Jerry Lilly on lead guitar, Don Wilson from West Palm Beach. Would love to hear from you. John is looking for a guy named Puglese from Utica NY, he worked in the carpenter shop and Chief Petty Officer King. I also worked with 3rd class Gino commissaryman. To all the guys, hello from the Berthold's.

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